Uki Public School

Innovative Education, Community Values

Telephone02 6679 5128

About our school

Uki Public School is a school where teachers demonstrate their concern for children. Dedicated staff provide a supportive, safe, stimulating environment sensitive to the needs of the individual. Children are encouraged to pursue standards of high quality in academic and cultural endeavours. Respect for the rights and opinions of others is central to the school's ethos. Highly motivated and skilled staff assist the pupils in areas of specialisation and in general classroom activities. Our Welfare Policy provides the basis for consistent and considerate development and management of the pupils' social, physical and emotional skills and needs. It aims to reward children for their efforts to achieve and maintain high standards. Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in the education of their children. This is achieved through classroom support programs and set homework tasks. The school's physical setting has been given a high priority this year. Beautification and play equipment projects have been undertaken by teachers working with community volunteers. Results have attracted positive comment from within the school and the wider community.

Please click on this link to access our School Information Handbook (pdf 6378 KB)