Uki Public School

Innovative Education, Community Values

Telephone02 6679 5128

Aims and Objectives

Uki OOSH Centre has a number of stakeholders: the children and families who use the Centre; the staff; the committee members; schools which access the Centre; and the local community. 

In order to best provide for the needs of all of our stakeholders, the Centre's aims and objectives are: 

  • To provide a safe environment for children.
  • To provide a clean and caring environment for children.
  • To provide a varied and stimulating program of activities that encourages self-expression, independence and self-esteem and allows for opportunities to explore and develop new skills through play.
  • To ensure the program of activities reflects the children's diversity.
  • To help children develop self-discipline skills through positive example and direction.
  • To help children appreciate and care for each other and their environment.
  • To encourage good nutrition through the provision of a variety of nutritious snacks and drinks and by modelling healthy eating habits.
  • To provide a comfortable, welcoming and supportive environment for all stakeholders.
  • To strive for open communication and positive relationships between all stakeholders.
  • To accept and value every stakeholder without discrimination.
  • To keep stakeholders informed and up to date on issues relating to the Centre.
  • To encourage feedback and input from stakeholders - particularly children, families and staff - in relation to the program, policies and other issues relating to the Centre.
  • To involve stakeholders - particularly children, families and staff - in decisions about the Centre
  • To continually evaluate and review the Centre's policies and practices to ensure stakeholder's needs are being met.
  • To create a positive atmosphere for staff, which encourages personal initiative and co-operation.
  • To ensure staff are aware of all expectations and duties.
  • To help develop mutual respect, courtesy and understanding between staff.
  • To provide support, assistance and relevant training for staff where needed.
  • To be sensitive to the needs of our community.
  • To ensure the cultural diversity of our community is valued and respected.

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